Avalon and Sea Isle Take the Prize for Lowest Flood Insurance Rates in Cape May County

Did you know that flood insurance premiums can be reduced by up to 45%?   If a municipality participates in the Community Rating System (CRS) of Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) program, it can earn flood insurance discounts based on the community’s voluntary efforts to reduce the risk of property damage due to (coastal) flooding.    Ratings are based on a point system.   There are 10 levels, 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest.  With each level achieved, 500 points is awarded which equates to a 5% discount.  The highest rating in Cape May County is a level 3 that only 13 communities in the entire country have achieved.   Those two successful communities are Sea Isle City and Avalon.  Both  have been awarded a 35% discount for flood insurance.   The average cost of flood insurance nationwide is $700 per year.  In Cape May County, West Wildwood has the highest at $1,110 per year.   The lowest is Sea Isle City at $490 per year.  Sea Isle and Avalon deserve a round of applause.   The discounts not only mean cheaper flood insurance and safer communities but less worry and stress.   Their building codes require homes to be elevated to avoid damage to personal and real property.  Both Sea Isle and Avalon add at least an extra foot to the county’s required base flood elevation.  If you live 2 or 3 hours away, this is a big relief.   For more detailed information, go to:


For more information specific to Sea Isle go to:


FEMA defines base flood elevation:


For more information specific to Avalon go to:


Flood insurance is purchased through FEMA’s  National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).   This government run program keeps flood insurance affordable.


Here are some interesting facts about homeowner’s insurance (fire, liability and personal property insurances).


Surfing in Sea Isle City, Cape May County

Surfer1 (Small)

My nephew Matt, a real estate agent in Sea Isle City and local surfer has this to say:  ” This morning I paddled for the 5th time in the new year.  The waves this winter have been absolutely firing.  December and January have produced better swell than any other two month period in recent memory.  ”

Matt’s recommendation for anyone who is interested in surfing Cape May County, is to buy winter gear and lose all expectations of this happening in July.  Typically the waves go flat through the summer, but you can expect great potential starting in September.  However this year has been freakishly active since early December.  “You absolutely need the best and most durable winter attire to not freeze your ass off.”  Matt always suggests supporting your local surf shop.   Heritage Surf and Sport at 37th and Landis Ave. in Sea Isle City is where he has been going for almost 20 years.”https://heritagesurf.com/

Matt’s next recommendation for surfing anytime anywhere is to be in proper shape.  “I feel people that have never surfed, assume they have to focus on leg strength or balance, surfing is actually 95% paddling.  If you wanted to prepare to surf well, you should focus on:  upper body strength, core strength, and cardio, and that will best prepare you for the first lesson.

Cape May County is feast or famine for swell through out the year.    When I asked Matt where the best spot is to surf here, he responded, “JFK Airport and go straight to Central America.”   Matt is not always enthusiastic about New Jersey surfing, generally.  As we have been so busy lately assisting customers, Matt is extremely grateful to get some play time in and take a break here and there.    “Bearing the cold water is a small price to pay to have that kind of fun.”

Please leave comments and any questions you may have.   Thanks!

Where to buy a home in Avalon NJ within walking distance to bars, restaurants and Stone Harbor

For Sale:  197 77th St., Avalon, NJSouth End Beach Block New Construction–6 Bedrooms, 6 Full Baths, 2 half baths, inground pool, cabana, elevator, screened in porch, ocean views, 4,500 square feet of living space, great location in walking distance to bars, restaurants & Stone Harbor Recreation Facilities at 82nd & Dune.   There is still time to choose your own selections through builder’s design center. 


South end Avalon beaches are the best beaches along the New Jersey Coast.  They are pristine and protected by a dune that is lush and thick.  The south end beaches are not prone to erosion like many beaches at the Jersey Shore.   Avalon is known as the “Hamptons” of New Jersey.   Why?   Because it caters to like kind clientele as the famous Hamptons on Long Island.   You can find just about every kind of luxurious home known to man whether it be a beach front castle or a bay front paradise with sunset views like none other.   The presence of the wetlands beyond the bays makes something amazing  happen when the sun begins to set.   It is a spectacular, every changing show of color and light.  If you are an early riser, this natural event is evenly matched with spectacular sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean.   https://www.visitavalonnj.com/

Stone Harbor starts at 80st St.  and has a unique character of its own.    The upper 70s numbered streets, like the property for sale shown above, puts you within walking distance to this upscale resort town.   The New York Times describes Stone Harbor as “gleaming McMansions and elegant shops.”  Get the best of both worlds by living in a quiet residential neighborhood yet be in walking distance to a number of entertainment and restaurant establishments in Avalon and Stone Harbor like the infamous Windrift Bar and Restaurant 105 https://www.windrifthotel.com/diningexperiences/restaurant-105

Or, Shimmers Bistro Bar at ICONA Golden Inn  https://icona.com/avalon/dining/shimmers-bistro/

Also at ICONA is the Avalon Brew Pub  https://icona.com/avalon/dining/shimmers-bistro/

If you are in the mood for bayside dining, try Borghi’s Restaurant by the Bay



96th St. in Stone Harbor, a short bike ride away, has many shops, bars and restaurants.  https://www.visitnj.org/nj-shopping-districts-villages/stone-harbor-downtown  82nd and Dune is Stone Harbor’s Recreation Center which offers basketball courts with lights, basketball courts under a pavilion, tennis and pickle ball courts, and soccer and softball fields.  https://www.stoneharborrecreation.com/facilties.html

Avalon does have a playground at 74th St. as well.

Most likely whoever is reading this blog is already familiar with these establishments and other close by entertainment venues and restaurants.  This blog’s purpose is to present the beautiful new construction shown above.   It offers a great location for those that like Stone Harbor as well as Avalon but can’t seem to decide where to buy between the two.    Here is the answer that may solve your dilemma.   Call the listing agent, LuAnn Mashura, to set up an appointment or ask questions at 609-374-0730.  

Sea Isle City real estate market analysis


This is an updated market analysis (last one was 9/2017) including the entire 2017 year of real estate sales in Sea Isle.    Median sale prices continue to climb.

The real estate market has well recovered since the collapse 10 years ago.  Values have been gradually climbing for the past 5 years.  There is a unique character to this City that keeps investors and 2nd home buyers coming.   But, don’t just take my word for it, let the statistics do the talking.   I have taken the following information from the Cape May County Multiple Listings for as far back as their records go starting in 2008 when prices began to drop from those speculative highs before the crash and the mortgage crisis hit.   I used only condominiums and condo/townhouse sales which make up the bulk of residential sales.

Calendar Year                   #Units Sold                    Median Sold Price

2008                                         152                                       $646,750

2009                                         165                                        $606,100

2010                                          166                                       $598,500

2011                                           185                                       $585,000

2012                                          254                                       $565,000

2013                                          213                                       $600,000

2014                                          237                                       $630,000

2015                                          274                                        $626,500

2016                                          239                                        $660,000

2017                                          246                                        $699,000

For more specific data, please email me at luann@oceanviewrealty.us and I would be happy to provide whatever information you need regarding real estate in Sea Isle City or surrounding communities.    Thanks for reading.   I look forward to your comments too!

Townsends Inlet Bridge connecting Sea Isle to Avalon Now Open

Townsends Inlet Bridge Reopened 2 Weeks ago just before the Food Truck Weekend at Kix in June.  However, there is a 15 ton weight limit.   See chart below if you’re curious.


The TI bridge was indefinitely closed to traffic in early April of 2017 after an underwater inspection revealed a crack and extensive structural damage on the 75 year old bridge. Built in 1939, Inlet Bridge is now a foundational part of the local community as well as the tourism industry in Townsend, NJ and surrounding towns such as Avalon and Sea Isle. It is a crucial part of Ocean Drive and its closing not only created delays and detours for tourists hoping to see the beautiful views, it also made it harder for residents to enjoy the restaurants and local shops. Construction crews built up the bridge with reinforced steel on the support piers, and it is back up and running this afternoon. This is excellent news for local businesses and residents. Although the hope is that eventually a new span will be built in its place, the repairs will do in the meantime. 

Most readers will have zero concern that their are vehicles are over the 15 ton weight limit, but just for fun, I’ve added a chart of various vehicles and their weights.  I was sure the Jersey Transit buses were way over the limit but wondered about trucks, vans and motor homes. 

vehicles weight for TI bridge