Surfing in Sea Isle City, Cape May County

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My nephew Matt, a real estate agent in Sea Isle City and local surfer has this to say:  ” This morning I paddled for the 5th time in the new year.  The waves this winter have been absolutely firing.  December and January have produced better swell than any other two month period in recent memory.  ”

Matt’s recommendation for anyone who is interested in surfing Cape May County, is to buy winter gear and lose all expectations of this happening in July.  Typically the waves go flat through the summer, but you can expect great potential starting in September.  However this year has been freakishly active since early December.  “You absolutely need the best and most durable winter attire to not freeze your ass off.”  Matt always suggests supporting your local surf shop.   Heritage Surf and Sport at 37th and Landis Ave. in Sea Isle City is where he has been going for almost 20 years.”

Matt’s next recommendation for surfing anytime anywhere is to be in proper shape.  “I feel people that have never surfed, assume they have to focus on leg strength or balance, surfing is actually 95% paddling.  If you wanted to prepare to surf well, you should focus on:  upper body strength, core strength, and cardio, and that will best prepare you for the first lesson.

Cape May County is feast or famine for swell through out the year.    When I asked Matt where the best spot is to surf here, he responded, “JFK Airport and go straight to Central America.”   Matt is not always enthusiastic about New Jersey surfing, generally.  As we have been so busy lately assisting customers, Matt is extremely grateful to get some play time in and take a break here and there.    “Bearing the cold water is a small price to pay to have that kind of fun.”

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Townsends Inlet Bridge connecting Sea Isle to Avalon Now Open

Townsends Inlet Bridge Reopened 2 Weeks ago just before the Food Truck Weekend at Kix in June.  However, there is a 15 ton weight limit.   See chart below if you’re curious.


The TI bridge was indefinitely closed to traffic in early April of 2017 after an underwater inspection revealed a crack and extensive structural damage on the 75 year old bridge. Built in 1939, Inlet Bridge is now a foundational part of the local community as well as the tourism industry in Townsend, NJ and surrounding towns such as Avalon and Sea Isle. It is a crucial part of Ocean Drive and its closing not only created delays and detours for tourists hoping to see the beautiful views, it also made it harder for residents to enjoy the restaurants and local shops. Construction crews built up the bridge with reinforced steel on the support piers, and it is back up and running this afternoon. This is excellent news for local businesses and residents. Although the hope is that eventually a new span will be built in its place, the repairs will do in the meantime. 

Most readers will have zero concern that their are vehicles are over the 15 ton weight limit, but just for fun, I’ve added a chart of various vehicles and their weights.  I was sure the Jersey Transit buses were way over the limit but wondered about trucks, vans and motor homes. 

vehicles weight for TI bridge


Sea Isle City 2017 Polar Bear Plunge

Well Everybody, it’s that time of year again.    The holidays are over (for most)  and we are ready to make 2017 the best year of our lives!  Right?   So, why not take a refreshing dip into the Atlantic to get things rolling.  I have to confess, I have never plunged.  Yes, I’m a sissy.   So instead, I help everyone I know warm up after they bravely do so.    Here it is, the list of events for Polar Bear Plunge 2017, Yay!

The weekend starts on Friday, Feb. 17 with the Polar Bear Prince & Princess Contest at 7:30 p.m. at LaCosta, 4000 Landis Ave., Sea Isle City. At 9 p.m. is the Polar Bear King & Queen Contest at the deck bar, hosted by EMC Jimmy Bennett and Center Stage DJs. From 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., enjoy the Rockets on Stage. Be sure to take advantage of Plunge registration at LaCosta from 2 to 8 p.m.

On Saturday, Feb. 18, prepare to jump into the icy Atlantic at 2 p.m. at JFK Boulevard and the beach. Plunge registration begins at 8 a.m. at the Landis Avenue front tent. Register for the plunge online at Prior to the plunge is the costume contest at 12 p.m. in the main tent. Participants of the plunge must be 12 years and older. $25 non-refundable entry fee; receive a Polar Bear T-shirt and entry wristband. In order to be eligible for the costume contest you MUST be registered. Swimsuits or costumes only – no wet suits!

Stop by the Post-Plunge Party at 2:30 p.m. at LaCosta, featuring entertainment by Split Decision, The Insiders, Blacthorn, Gypsy Wisdom, The Rockets, FunZaLuv and more! The party is open to the public, but all registered Plungers receive complimentary entry. Costume contest awards will be presented at 4 p.m. under the main tent.

On Sunday, Feb. 19, the weekend ends with the Mike’s Seafood Polar Bear Walk/Run for Autism, and more entertainment at LaCosta.

Registration for Mike’s Seafood Polar Bear Walk/Run for Autism is 9 to 11:30 a.m. at Landis Avenue and JFK Boulevard. Register online at Fees vary. Proceeds benefit Autism Speaks, Special Services Schools, Autism support groups and families of special needs children. Mike’s Seafood Polar Bear Walk/Run for Autism begins at 12 p.m. at JFK Boulevard and Promenade, and an awards ceremony and breakfast buffet will follow at 2 p.m. at LaCosta.

For more information on the Polar Bear Plunge Weekend in Sea Isle City, visit

For more information on Mike’s Seafood Polar Bear Walk/Run for Autism, visit



Sea Isle City Summer Rental in the Beach Block with an Elevator



13 72nd St., East is a brand new south end beach block condo/townhouse available for summer rental most weeks this season.  This home was finished being built early in May 2016 and has 5/6 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms and a half bath.   It has a 4 stop elevator beginning in the garage for loading convenience.  There are 3 master bedrooms en suite with decks and 2 middle hall bedrooms sharing a bathroom.   There is a possible 6th bedroom set up as a family room with a sleeper sofa and full bathroom.  This is a gorgeous home with an ocean view.   There are five (5) decks with the main deck off the Great Room perfect for al fresco dining.     This home has 2 level HVAC, 5 ceiling fans and is soundproofed well for privacy and comfort.  It is on steps to the beach being only 4 houses away.     Perfect for large family gatherings where parents, children and grandchildren can all get together to enjoy the sand, sun and surf.   Also works well for friends and there families to share with 3 private bedroom suites.  This homes sleeps 13 people.  There are 2 off street parking spots and all the amenities you would expect in a luxury home.  Please call for availability, rates and more details on this property.

Sea Isle City Polar Bear Plunge Weekend 2016



Check out the video:

mb20.awards.plunge 083

mb20.awards.plunge 061


It’s time to start planning PBP weekend in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.   Next weekend is the Super Bowl and the following is PBP so if you don’t have a plan yet, get one going!      Winter storm Jonas took a bite out of 42nd street beach so the plunge will take place on 40th St.   Yes, sadly a few dunes were affected but not much and thankfully the dunes kept the ocean back where it belongs.  Everywhere else I looked, the dunes and beaches looked like a storm never hit.   So bring your PBRs to the PBP and let’s celebrate that it is February and we are on our way to Summer 2016!   I hope to see you there!   Please “like” Ocean View Realty on Facebook. Thank you!

Sea Isle City approves Acme expansion

acme_style_sea_isle_city_07Well, it is finally happening.  The 9,000 sq. ft. Acme in Sea Isle City is being torn down and a new 26,200 sq. ft. Acme will replace it.  Who can say it isn’t needed?  Sea Isle is a tourist town and tourists, more aptly known as vacationers or shoobies, need to grocery shop.  And, I would be remiss not to say that most of our summer friends are property owners who pay taxes although they are not year round.   As much as we all love the Sea Isle City of yesteryear, it has to change and is changing all the time.  You’ve come along way baby!  Not everybody wants it, but it is inevitable.

A small majority of the summer inhabitants are year round including myself.  I’ve also been vacationing in Sea Isle since I was a kid so I don’t want to see Funtown Arcade go no more than anybody else.  It saddens me that it will soon be just a memory.  Even if they find another location, and I hope they do, it won’t be the same.   But let’s think positive.   The new Acme will be built above base flood elevation which is required by FEMA, our building codes enforce it, and it affects flood insurance rates.   (That’s a fact that not only affects this commercial property but the building of new residential properties as well.  This fact connects this post to my last post of 7/6/15 about the “monster high” duplexes and the reason behind higher building heights.)  Another plus is that it is really crowded in our tiny Acme in the summer time and the parking lot is crazy.  It feels like the odds are against you so you prepare yourself for a fender bender or crane your neck in every direction to avoid one.  It is very true that we don’t need a bigger store after October or before May but again, what made property values climb collectively over the years?  Our summer guests had a lot to do with it, so let’s accommodate them as they deserve and make it safe.

I applaud the representative from Acme who listened to nearby small business owners at the City Council meeting on 8/4/15, and told City Council there would not be a large sign (it needed a variance.) saying “Beach Shop” at the new shopping center.    I have a hard time seeing how that would be an appropriate sign anyway.  Acme is not a beach shop.  Neither is Uncle Oogies pizzeria or Rick’s Breakfast Place (the two existing businesses that will move adjacent to where they currently are now into commercial properties and will be part of the new Acme Shopping Center.)

Lastly but not least, being the foodie that I am, I look forward to more varieties of food, not necessarily more varieties in terms of brands, that awaits us year rounders and will help enhance those quiet winter nights.  Even though Sea Isle has certainly grown and changed over the years, it is still loved and enjoyed by families and friends that have vacationed here or lived here for several generations and growing.

New Jitney Service for Strathmere

An exciting new development is coming this summer to Strathmere and Sea Isle City! Jitney service will now run from Strathmere to Sea Isle City. The new route runs between the Deauville Inn in Strathmere and downtown Sea Isle City.

The Strathmere Jitney will stop along Ocean Drive/Common Avenue/Landis Avenue, on JFK Boulevard, and at Fish Alley. The Strathmere jitney does not travel south of JFK Blvd on Landis Avenue, so in order to go south of JFK, passengers must switch to a Sea Isle City Jitney.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Sea Isle City jitney, it’s a great alternative to driving or waiting for a cab in Sea Isle. The Jitney service in Sea Isle started in the summer of 2012 and has been very popular ever since. The service goes up and down Landis Ave for a small fare. You never have to wait more than 5 minutes for one, and they run late – until 4am.

This is an especially convenient and safe way for people to enjoy the bar scene in Sea Isle. It’s worth a couple bucks to use the Jitney and get home safely.

More 2015 Jitney information:

Memorial Day Weekend:
Friday, 6pm-4am
Saturday, 4pm-4am
Sunday, 4pm-4am

June 5 – June 27
Fridays, 6pm-4am
Saturdays, 4pm-4am

June 28 – September 6
7 Days a Week, 4pm-4am

September 11 – September 26
Fridays, 6pm-4am
Saturdays, 4pm-4am

New Year’s Eve

$2 per person one-way before 11:00pm
$4 per person one-way after 11:00pm
Kids under 5 ride free

For up-to-date information, visit Sea Isle City’s Jitney Information page.

History of the Polar Bear Plunge

The Polar Bear Plunge, arguably Sea Isle’s most famous event of the year, is set to take place on Saturday, February 14. It’s an event filled with wacky costumes, live music, and tons of fun. The plunge is a great event for the town of Sea Isle. For one, it gets thousands of people down the shore in the off-season to kick their winter blues, and all proceeds benefit city wide events sponsored by the Sea Isle City Chamber of Commerce and Revitalization. But have you ever wondered about the history behind the Plunge? Why do thousands of people flock to the beach in frigid temperatures to take a dip in the freezing water? Well, it begins back in 1995 with one woman’s vision.

Plunge History

It all started when a member of the Tourism Commission of Sea Isle, Dr. Irene Jameson, decided that a February plunge could be a way to boost tourism in the normally desolate winter months down the shore. In February 1995, Irene and a small group of family, friends, and tourism officials took the plunge in 35 degree water in front of a small crowd of spectators. Afterwards, they went to LaCosta to grab a beer and keep warm!

Every year since the original plunge, the crowds got larger and larger, and costumes eventually became a staple. Starting at the age of 70 in 1995, Irene took the plunge every year until 2007. Now, the designated “Polar Bear Queen” is an enthusiastic spectator. The event, which attracts thousands of tourists each year, continues the tradition of warming yourself afterwards with a beer at LaCosta. Now, there’s tons of live music and entertainment to be had.

Make sure to sign up for this year’s plunge, and register at this site to reserve your space for the plunge today!

Sources: and

Things to Do This Winter in Sea Isle City

snow at the beach

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and there isn’t a better place to spend the holidays than down the shore! This winter, there are plenty of fun activities around Sea Isle City to keep you busy – but not necessarily warm if you’re looking to take The Plunge!  Here are 6 activities that are sure to keep you active all winter long!

  1. New Year’s Eve Celebration & Fireworks (Kid Friendly)

    Kick in the New Year with an international celebration! This year’s theme, New Year’s Eve in Egypt, will feature plenty of family-friendly activities including dancing, food, and refreshments, concluding with a special ball drop at 7pm. At 8pm, enjoy a fireworks show at JFK Boulevard Beach!

    Reservations are required by December 29. See site for more details.

  2. New Year’s Eve Celebration & Fireworks (Adult Friendly)

    Two great options for taking in the New Year in Sea Isle City include two famous bar spots for a jolly good time!

    December 31 at 8pm
    Tickets are $10 and include the following:

    • Buffet
    • Champagne at midnight
    • Party favors
    • The Insiders Band

    Ocean Drive
    December 31 at 7pm
    Tickets are $25 and include the following:

    • Hors d’oeuvres
    • Buffet
    • Champagne at midnight
    • The band Secret Service
  3. Polar Bear Plunge

    Saturday, February 14 (2pm for plunge)

    If you are crazy enough to plunge into the ocean in the middle of February, this event is for you. The Polar Bear Plunge is something of a traditional down the shore, and it’s a must-see if you’ve never been. To participate, you must have a ticket and can only wear a costume or swimwear! No wetsuits allowed!

    Enjoy a post-plunge party at LaCosta. Costume Contest awards are at 4pm.

    Tickets are $25 and include a t-shirt.

    • Participants must be 12+ years of age.
  4. Polar Bear Run/Walk for Autism

    February 15 – 12 pm
    After you dry off from your Polar Bear Plunge, you can run or walk in the Polar Bear walk/run for Autism. This is a great event and supports a great cause!

    See site for registration details.

  5. St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    Saturday, March 15 – 3pm

    The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a popular even in Sea Isle City, with mummers and merriment galore!  Head over to Kix McNutley’s for an evening of Irish fun and entertainment!

  6. Ocean Drive Marathon

    March 29 – 9amThe Ocean Drive Marathon is a scenic 26.2 mile run through Cape May County, NJ. The race starts in Cape May and ends on the boardwalk in Sea Isle City. This race is a great way to stay active throughout the winter, not to mention the route is a beautiful tour through the jersey shore points.

    See site for more information and registration.

Off-Season Things To Do in Sea Isle City

As leaves start to fall from the trees and kids are back in school, the shore tends to redistribute itself to a more even, quiet keel with a loyal year-round crowd settling back into the quiet peace of the fall season. However, September and October are some of the best months to be down the shore. Crowds are smaller, but the weather is still conducive to long walks on the beach, and quirky off-season activities. Here’s a list of just a few of the fun events for adults and kids this season.

Family Fall Festival

Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14

Sea Isle’s most popular fall festival features an entire weekend of family-friendly activities, including crafts, live music, a photo booth, moon bounce, face-painting, and the popular annual sand sculpting competition. On Sunday, auto enthusiasts will flock to the Antique Auto Show to display and admire vintage cars. Fun for the whole family!

Irish Festival Weekend

Friday, September 19 to Sunday, September 21

The 8th Annual Irish Festival will be taking place this September with scores of Irish market vendors, food vendors and live entertainment. This festival is sponsored by two popular Sea Isle bars, LaCosta and Kix McNutley’s, so there will be plenty of drinks to enjoy for adults.

Sea Isle Food Trust Festival

Friday, September 26 to Sunday, September 28

For the foodie or craft beer lover, there is something for all at this food truck festival coming up at the end of September. Award-winning trucks will be lining up to serve you some great food for around the tri-state area. There will also be live music, great drinks, and crafts for the kids.

Italian Festival

Saturday, October 11

A fun-filled day of great authentic Italian food, craft and specialty vendors, a Cannoli Eating contest and live music. This festival is great for adults who want a day of great food, drinks and entertainment. This event is sponsored by Kix McNutley’s.


Saturday, October 18

This annual classic autumn event includes free hayrides on the beach, magic acts, pumpkin painting, a rock climbing wall, and even a pie baking contest. This fest is a great activity for both adults and kids, and there is nothing like being at the shore during the Halloween season. Free hayrides on the beach? Can’t beat it!

Polar Bear Plunge

Saturday, February 14

Perhaps the most popular event of the off-season, the Polar Bear Plunge is a chilling challenge in mid-February! The plunge has been taking place for the past 20 years, and includes a parade and costume contest before hundreds plunge into freezing ocean water! It’s never too early to start thinking about participating, as you have to pre-register for this event. It’s $25 to plunge, but you get a free commemorative t-shirt and an experience you’ll never forget!